Eric Stern is an active and prolific composer living and working in Portland Oregon. Most recently he composed the full-length opera “Queen of Knives” which premiered in Portland Oregon to sold out audiences and rave reviews. He is well-known for his songwriting in the ensemble Vagabond Opera (he is the band’s leader and artistic director) and has contributed compositionally to a wealth of projects including pieces for the Northwest Professional Dance Project, Open Hears, Open Minds (an organization that works with prisoners to put on theatrical productions), the music for Tears Of Joy Puppet Theatre production of Pinocchio (he was commisioned to compose the score), as well as settings to Jewish liturgy for the P’nai Or synagogue choir that he conducted and helped found.

Before moving to Portland he studied and performed opera in Philadelphia, New York and Paris and settled in New Mexico where he founded the Jewish Theater Project with Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb. There he helped co-produced Neshama, a Jewish arts festival. Eric Stern was the musical director for the festival, wrote several musical pieces, one of the plays, and one full-length composition for it.

During that time he toured the Canadian Fringe Festival working closely with The Pajama Men of Chicago’s Second City where he, along with Mark Chavez and Shenoah Allen, performed Sabotage, a comedic tour-de-force that the trio wrote to audiences in New York City, and throughout Canada garnering critical acclaim. Mr. Stern composed and performed the music for Sabotage and was the production’s musical director.

Prior to that he was the musical director for Theater in the Making (an Albuquerque theater company that works with young people by having them perform the works of Shakespeare) and composed and performed for the Dionysis in the Round Festival at the University of New Mexico.