MP3 & Audio Selections

December 24th, 2008Eric Stern Vocal Audio Sample

This sample covers a wide range of genres from Yiddish Theater, to Italian Opera, Jacques Brel, and even a Pogues cover.

Eric Stern Vocal Sample

December 23rd, 2008Eric Stern Accordion Audio Samples

Romanian Accordion,

Bulgarian Wedding Accordion,

Arabic Accordion

Italian Accordion

December 23rd, 2008Eric Stern Piano Samples

Jazz Piano

Classical and Accompanying

December 22nd, 2008Eric Stern Composition Samples

Pinocchio Suites In 2006, Eric Stern was commisioned  to compose the music for Tears of Joy Puppet Theatre’s stage prodution of Pinocchio. Here is an audio sample with different movements from the Pinocchio Suites for Piano, Accordion, Cello, and Trumpet.

December 20th, 2008Mp3 Samples

Other samples coming Soon